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Commissioner Jim Howell


  • 54 Years old, Married to Leah 27 years, 5 wonderful kids, 1 granddaughter
  • 25 years Local Aviation Experience - Test & Evaluation
  • Air Force Veteran (Desert Shield), American Legion/VFW Member
  • Kansas State Rifle Association Board of Directors


  • Excellent Public Safety Services, Great Infrastructure, Fiscal Health, Efficient Government, Transparency, Accountability.
  • Smart Government - Collaborate with others to discover and implement efficient solutions, eliminate waste, empower the individual. 
  • Principled - Support private property rights and personal responsibility.


  • Board Member Experience: NCAT, Sedgwick County Zoo Board of Directors, Exploration Place Board of Directors, Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Chief Elected Officials, Board, Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO),  Exploited & Missing Children Board
  • Republican Precinct Committeeman - 8 years
  • Two Terms in the Kansas House of Representatives
  • Currently Elected to the Sedgwick County Commission

More about Commissioner Jim Howell

Why I am Running

I am running because I believe that Sedgwick County needs good leaders to make our county the premium place to live, raise a family, and grow a business. Certainly, County Government that provides services for the twenty-one communities must manage the limited county resources very carefully.

Therefore, I believe that good government must be desired, necessary, transparent, accountable, legal, fair, and constitutional.  It should also include incentives to encourage employees and agencies to develop efficiency and effectiveness. All efforts should have benchmarks and measurable outcomes. Open and free communication without retribution must be available to all employees in the County. Professional respect should be mutual between all members of County government.  As your Sedgwick County Commissioner, I will continue to stand for and vote for these very principles of government.

I look forward to working together, getting to know and understand your concerns and priorities for Sedgwick County. Working together with the other commissioners to provide needed services, coupled with these principles will continue to make our county the premium place to live!

Personal Resume


  • Wichita High School Southeast Graduate; Attended Derby Public Schools in the 70's.
  • B.S. Organizational Management & Leadership - Friends University
  • B.S. Industrial Technology – Southern Illinois University College of Engineering
  • A.S. Avionics Systems Technology – College of the Air Force
  • Six Sigma

USAF Veteran 1987 to 1991

  • Desert Shield 1990
  • Promoted “Below the Zone”
  • Commendation Medals
  • Airman of the Year 48TFS 1989

Personal Info

  • Life Long Kansan
  • Married to Leah, 27 Years, five grown successful children, one awesome granddaughter
  • Sunday School Teacher (High School Boys)

Work Experience

  • Air Force – E4, Flight Controls, Instruments on F111-F/F-111D
  • Bombardier/Learjet  2 Years – Instrumentation Tech, Certification CRJ100/Lear 60
  • Cessna 10 Years  – Instrumentation Technologist, JPATS, Citation X, CitationJet, Sovereign
  • Boeing 11 Years – Instrumentation Engineering, 767 International Tanker, KC135, AF 767 Tanker; Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • One Year Contract Test Instrumentation on Textron Aviation Scorpion

Political Experience

  • Republican Precinct (DB11) Committeeman since 2010
  • Elected to the Kansas House of Representatives 2010 (Served 2011 to 2014)

Committee Membership Experience

  • Government Efficiency Committee 2011-2012
  • House Education Committee 2011-2012
  • General Government Budget Committee 2011
  • Federal & State Affairs Committee2012
  • Judiciary Committee 2013-2014


  • General Government Budget Committee 2013-2014
  • Pensions & Benefits Committee 2013-2014
  • South-Central Legislative Delegation 2013


  • South-Central Legislative Delegation 2014

What County Commissioners Do

The Role of the County Commission

The Board of Sedgwick County Commissioners is vested by Kansas state statute with both legislative and administrative powers and duties. These powers and duties include:

  1. Supervision of county property
  2. Organization of townships following statutory procedures
  3. Control of the financial affairs of the county
  4. Approval of the annual budget
  5. Levying of county taxes
  6. Designation of depositories for the county treasurer
  7. Construction and maintenance of county roads and bridges
  8. Approval of land use and zoning policies for the county
  9. Issuance of bonds
  10. Awarding of contracts
  11. Incorporation of cities
  12. Creation of special districts
  13. Setting of salaries of all county officials
  14. Providing a jail, courthouse, office space, and supplies for all county officers and the district court
  15. Appointment of members of various boards and commissions
  16. Serving as the local board of health

The board also serves as the hearing officer panel for tax appeals cases, sits as the board of canvassers for elections, and acts as the governing body for Fire District 1.

HOWELL's Accomplishments and Principles

REAL JOB DEVELOPMENT – Sedgwick County needs to continue to build a thriving economy with reliable resources, well-managed water, affordable homes, and healthy infrastructure to attract job creators. Real Job development depends on skilled laborers ready and able to support these businesses. I am a strong voice for technical training because skilled workers with real world experience are critical to our local economy. 

REDUCE BURDEN OF GOVERNMENT. The government does not have a revenue problem but has a spending problem.  The county government must push harder to find more ways to live within its means, find efficiencies, and protect the taxpayer from a greater burden of government. We must follow the lead of private enterprise and challenge ourselves to do more with less.

RIGHT PRIORITIES: We need to focus on core functions and do a better job managing and maintaining infrastructure. When the economy begins to thrive, we need leaders to stay focused and not fall for the temptation to just expand the role of government. Jim Howell helped deliver a solution to ever-expanding government growth with real property tax relief by sponsoring and passing the property tax transparency act. When valuations increase, the mil levy will now automatically decrease to create the same level revenue. Without this automatic adjustment, deceptive politicians take more of your dollars and claim that they did not raise your taxes.   

Jim Howell is the RIGHT guy for the job! 

Principled Leadership - Using the U.S. Constitution, the Kansas Constitution, and the principles of responsibility, freedom, family values, and fiscal common sense, Jim Howell is principled, consistent, and fair. Using his efficiency education and practical experience in Six Sigma, Howell strives for efficiency and effectiveness in government as well. He sticks to core functions and promotes limited government. Howell has compassion for those that are disadvantaged and struggling in our community. He supports practical policies that address the causes as well as solutions. 

Focused - Jim Howell is a very hard working Commissioner. He pours himself into the roles and responsibilities of his position. He is one that pays attention to detail. 

Effective - Jim Howell has many political successes. Howell has successfully worked to solve problems for his constituents while writing public policy. 

What's Going On


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